Five Powerful Insights on Artificial Intelligence from AI World 2016


By: Aleisha McKeeby, Solutions Marketing Manager & Sr. Bots Evangelist, Kore

We flew cross-country this week for full immersion into artificial intelligence, to network with great minds, and to share the Kore platform with thought-leaders in the AI industry. Our trip was filled with early mornings, a few 23 hour days, but most importantly opportunities to discuss advances of AI technology with other industry experts.

Here are five takeaways from our AI stay in San Francisco:

1. AI is not magic, but it is powerful.

Artificial intelligence is data, math, patterns, and iterations. It’s training data and machine learning. It is predictive analytics. Many of the panelists and influencers we heard throughout the week cautioned against the overhyping of AI capabilities.

The AI hype also often leaves out the human component. A helpful equation gleaned from the 7 Myths of AI session presented by Robin Bordoli, CEO of CrowdFlower was AI = TD + ML + HITL or artificial intelligence = training data + machine learning + human in the loop. These separate concepts have dependencies on each other and HITL needs to be in the mix. As Achalesh Pandey, Tech Leader from GE Global Research shared, “AI agents can play a big role by providing information to humans in a digestible way.” Pandey also touched on ethical issues that impact AI if the human decision making is completely removed from the equation.

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