Report on AI World


Last week, I spent a couple of days in San Francisco for the IBM Watson Developers Conference and our nation’s largest AI business conference: AI World Conference and Expo.

I met a handful of the very brightest – and most prominent – members of the AI community: Qualcomm Ventures Partner, Patrick Eggen; NVIDIA VP & GM, Jim McHugh; PwC Global & US Consulting Analytics Leader, Paul Blasé; IBM Fellow and IBM Watson VP and CTO, Rob High; Baidu Senior Researcher and Head of Systems, Gregory Diamos; Artificial Solutions CEO Lawrence Flynn and CMO Andy Peart; Steve Ardire, Advisor to Software Startups to name a few. They blew my mind with what they had to share!

I consolidated key highlights from my chats – and general sessions – into 10 things you need to know about the enterprise AI world. Enjoy.

1. Investing:  The ideal AI B2B Enterprise seed investment for a VC involves startups who’ve moved beyond a science project, and whose products and services offer immediate commercialization opportunities and easily translate into other markets.

2. Compute Power: AI deep learning requires an increased amount of computing power. To address the need, NVIDIA built the DGX-1 supercomputer which packs the horsepower of 250 servers.

“We now have a new computing model to power AI and solve what was once unsolvable, with superhuman speed and intelligence.”

– Jim McHugh, NVIDIA VP and General Manager

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