Facebook’s artificially intelligent Go player is getting smarter


Facebook today is demonstrating recent progress in its effort to have a computer program beat a human being at the ancient Chinese board game Go.

In an academic paper that Facebook published online today, Facebook documents the advancements of its Darkforest Go players, which draw on artificial intelligence (AI) in order to more effectively win games.

“Against human players, the newest versions, darkfores2, achieve a stable 3d level on KGS Go Server as a ranked bot, a substantial improvement upon the estimated 4k-5k ranks for DCNN reported in Clark & Storkey (2015) based on games against other machine players,” Facebook AI researchers Yuandong Tian and Yan Zhu wrote in the paper’s abstract. “Adding MCTS [Monte Carlo Tree Search] to darkfores2 creates a much stronger player named darkfmcts3: with 5,000 rollouts, it beats Pachi with 10k rollouts in all 250 games; with 75k rollouts it achieves a stable 5d level in KGS server, on par with state-of-the-art Go AIs (e.g., Zen, DolBaram, CrazyStone); with 110k rollouts, it won the 3rd place in January KGS Go Tournament.”

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