Meet Amazon’s Echo: The future of A.I. is here


As the lines between reality and science fiction become blurred, it seems that our future will be defined by the technology we create. For some, the ‘future’ entails technology like lasers and jetpacks, while for others, the future is full of flying cars and anti-gravity. However, throughout the years, there has been one constant in man’s vision of the future: artificial intelligence. A.I. – the idea that a computer can learn – is widely considered to be one of the next great technological leaps forward.

When it was first announced, it looked like Apple’s Siri program was going to be the first step towards artificial intelligence for everyone. Clearly, that didn’t end up happening, but Siri was still an important step forward; not from a technological standpoint, but a step forward in getting the average person used to the idea of such technology.

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