Beyond the Hype: Accessible and Actionable AI

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Previous Webinars – The explosion of narrowly focused, highly specialized cognitive engines combined with ever-increasing sources of unstructured data will require novel approaches to fully realize the future of artificial intelligence. The best business and technology strategies to accelerate AI deployment and ROI, applicable to virtually any industry or organization, will include the following key components:

  • Aggregation of specialized cognitive engines in a diverse ecosystem
  • Simplicity of access and use for end users via SaaS platforms
  • Continuously learning orchestration systems
  • A spectrum of deployment from centralized (cloud) to highly decentralized (Edge/IoT)
  • The melding of hardware and software
  • Engines building engines

What does this mean for the AI community? We now have the ability to propel AI forward faster, make it more scalable for the enterprise and enable it to become more accessible for all.

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