Developing a Strategy for Intelligent Assistants and Bots

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Previous Webinars – Presenter: William Meisel, President, TMA Associates Today, companies have the option to communicate with their customers in human language—“natural language”—using text or speech. The maturing of this branch of AI allows cost-effective mass communication and interaction with customers to answer questions, describe your products and services, and even close sales. This conversational interaction can occur in calls to contact centers, through chatbots on web sites, through messaging services, through home devices, through the general personal assistants—a rapidly evolving number of channels. How can a company take advantage of this opportunity? This webinar will outline the range of options a company has in creating intelligent assistants and bots, both for specific channels and as a branded, independent company digital assistant. It will address the types of resources available to do so and variations in how companies can use those resources.

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