Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Course of History

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Previous Webinars – The 4th industrial revolution has already begun, and even though it’s less obvious that it was in the 1820s, this time it affects all industries—and its impact is happening much faster.

The rapidly changing technology we’re all experiencing triggers quick and dramatic changes in customer behavior, forcing companies to keep up with our “geek” society. Whether you like or not, the changes are continual, and success favors those who are prepared.

Listen carefully to these trends and you’ll have a better chance to assess the possible impact and adjust your business strategy accordingly.

Speaker: Tibor Vass is Global Director of Solution Strategy Business Automation at Genesys. Tibor has more than 15 years of experience in strategic consulting and managing IT and telecommunication operations, cross-border service delivery, and mission-critical data center operations. He is responsible for the Genesys cross-platform Business Automation domain at a global level, which includes corporate strategy and enablement of sales, consultants and partners, the solution development roadmap—and delivering on global sales KPIs across verticals. Prior to joining Genesys in 2011, Tibor was a business development director and executive advisor for international businesses in the IT and telecommunication sectors.

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