Moving Beyond the Chat Bot with AI

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Previous Webinars – Augmented Intelligence (AI) systems are gaining traction around voice assistants and chat bots. But, making these systems truly impactful requires more than just responding to simple commands and questions; you have to construct them and train them to have meaningful conversations. The state of the technology is evolving rapidly, making it increasingly likely that you can easily construct such systems. But how you think about such systems matters.  In this webinar, Rob High outlines some of the key principles that you need to consider when constructing a conversational agent that engages your clients to really serve their needs.

Speaker: Rob High is one of the world’s leaders in artificial intelligence. He is the Technology Strategist for Watson and Cloud Platform CTO, IBM Fellow and VP, Member, IBM Academy of Technology for IBM Watson.  High leads the IBM team responsible for bringing cognitive computing to the world, supporting the development of deep natural language processing and other cognitive computing capabilities in the areas of speech, language, vision, and reasoning.

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