AI and Its Promise to Businesses

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Recorded on November 14, 2018, 1 pm to 1:30 pm EDT

AI is a red-hot topic, even overhyped, some say. We will show why the latter group may well be right–about general AI, anyway. One thing’s for sure: we’re not going to have personal AI assistants anytime soon. Narrow AI applications–that is, practical, focused ones–are a different matter altogether. We believe such applications in business will deliver on their promise and revolutionize the world as we know it.

Pawel Osterreicher, Director of Strategy & Business Development,
Pawel manages the business activities at and is also responsible for creating and executing the company’s strategy. Prior to joining, he spent seven years as a Management Consultant and Manager in The Boston Consulting Group, where he worked on a broad range of strategic, operational and analytical projects.

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