6 Ways To Make Your Company Data-Driven


Executives around the globe are demanding their organizations become more data-driven, and for good reason. The Economist Intelligence Unit found data-driven companies rate themselves substantially higher in terms of financial success than others do. In my experience, this new data-driven mantra is easier said than done.

Executives often don’t realize what they are asking of us in IT. That’s assuming they know to ask the right questions at all. In fact, another EIU study found 35% of executives lack an understanding of how to apply big data, and 62% of CIOs report big data buzz has resulted in unrealistic expectations among executives.

IT teams are still adapting to functional users demanding answers at the touch of a button, something they’ve come to expect because of Google and the proliferation of smartphones. So, what’s an IT professional to do? Based on my own experiences, as well as the work I’ve done with other organizations, I’ve developed six steps that can transform companies into data-driven enterprises.

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