Talla Launches Botchain, a Blockchain-Based AI Platform


Talla, a producer of B2B A.I. software focused on HR and IT, has launched a platform to combine artificial intelligence with blockchain technology aimed at enhancing security for A.I.-driven autonomous agents in the workplace.

This platform, called the Botchain, will support A.I. products in business with intelligent agent auditing, compliance regulations, and communication standards on a blockchain.

As A.I.-based systems become more prevalent, both users and applications will require a network where identities and transactions are verifiable and auditable. Blockchain technology is the missing piece that enables this.

“Imagine a world in which hundreds of thousands of transactions occur each minute. Some are human-to-bot; others are bot-to-bot, and some even involve a series of autonomous bots,” said Rob May, Talla CEO. “Each transaction requires an immutable digital certificate to record what happened and why. Bots in the enterprise will only grow when there are ways for them to establish trust with humans and with other bots.”

Traditional APIs, which were created for simple data exchange, are ill-equipped to handle A.I.-driven autonomous systems. But a new generation of systems are emerging that can intelligently adapt, change, and make decisions over time. They are helping to create the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” in which we are experiencing huge shifts in the way work gets done using artificial intelligence. The new requirements for safety and security using autonomous systems cannot be solved by existing methods.

The Botchain provides critical systems for anyone that uses A.I. powered products, as well as those that develop them. For example, end users of any A.I.-powered, autonomous system will gain an audit-able trail of interactions and decisions made, accomplished by hashing information about each agent task to the blockchain so it cannot be changed. Bots’ identities are verified with certainty to the humans that use them, and to other bots, preventing bot spoofing and spamming.

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