A New Chatbot to Help With Your Bank Account


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I just asked a bot to tell me how much I spent on coffee this past month. And a few moments later, it replied. “Let’s see,” it said. “You spent $199.83.”

Certainly, I drink an awful lot of coffee. But not that much. After asking the bot for a bit more information, I can happily say I spent at least some of that nearly two hundred dollars on chopped fruit and the occasional pastry. The bot didn’t actually explain this, but it did give me list all payments to coffee shops, which made things clear. “Thank you,” I told the bot. And it responded with a big yellow smiling emojicon.

This bot is called MyKai, and it’s the brainchild of Kasisto, a startup that spun out of the Silicon Valley research lab that helped create Siri, the talking digital assistant that comes with the Apple iPhone. Dovetailing with popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Slack, MyKai is meant to provide a simpler way of watching your money—or even moving it. This bot can bring up your latest bank balance or tell you how much you’re paying in fees or instantly wire money across the ‘net. “We’re doing things you can’t do as quickly in other ways,” says Dror Oren, Kasisto’s vice president of product.

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