Apps & Gadgets Making Future Travel a Breeze


The tech world has its eyes on the travel space and not just for trips to Mars. New inventions are popping up that aim to zap away every imaginable inconvenience when it comes to personal travel, and when you look even further into the future, innovations such as supersonic jets could completely revolutionize the way we move about the world. We spoke with a futurist about some gadgets, apps and cool predictions that could make your future journeys a breeze.

Planning your trip

Lola is a travel concierge app that aims to blend artificial intelligence (AI) and human intervention to answer any question you might have before or during your trip. Users of the service, which is currently invite-only, use Lola’s chat app for every travel need, from booking flights and hotels to planning tours and experiences. Depending on the complexity of their questions, they’re connected either to a chatbot or one of Lola’s human travel consultants in a clever mix of AI and human interaction that is becoming popular with many new mobile services.

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