Are Bots Ready for Prime Time?


2016 has been quite a ride for the players in AI, NLP and ML technologies. From the famous advent of Microsoft Tay at the end of Q1 to the numerous acquisitions of AI and chatbot companies during the latter half of this year, artificial intelligence has been in the headlines every other day.

In August there was an article on TechCrunch asking a very (seemingly) simple question: Can chatbots help build your next website? Being a web programmer who is working on AI and conversational interfaces, this stirred my interest even more and compelled me to check out the services listed therein — and a few others of the same category.

My excitement wore off when I found out these AI chatbots were not only at their teething stage, but also made simple tasks much more complex than the DIY builders they are supposed to kill. I researched deeper by checking out similar products of diverse industries, talking to celebrity bots on Facebook Messenger, discussing weather with Poncho, doing late night conversations with insomnobot-3000 and talking to Google Assistant on Allo about what the world is like around me.

Read the source article at TechCrunch