Chatbot as your fashion advisor


Chatbots, AI and Machine Learning pave a new domain of possibilities in the Fashion industry, from Data Analytics to Fashion Chatbot as your personal stylists. Chatbots, the automated and smart contextual messaging systems are all in trend from Facebook’s annual developers conference, that will allow developer’s to develop bots on messengers. With time chatbots are proving to be the future of commerce and the next generation of user interface. Chatbots are entering almost every customer service oriented industries like E-commerce, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Fashion and where not. Chatbots help brand’s customers to have a flawless experience.

Fashion is such an industry where luxury goods can only be bought in a few physical boutiques and one to one customer service is crucial. The Internet changed this dramatically, by giving the customers a smooth but a very detached experience of shopping. This particular problem can be solved by Chatbots. Customers can be provided with personalized services through Fashion chatbot, which can exchange messages, give required suggestions and information.

Famous brands like Tommy Hilfiger launched a Facebook Messenger Fashion chatbot during New York Fashion Week 2016. It was the first brand to sell their collection through Facebook Messenger.

Burberry also launched their Chatbot during London Fashion Week 2016, that provides behind the scenes looks at the inspiration for its London Fashion Week show collection. The chatbot also lets you enter a puzzle that asks you navigate through pictures and GIFs. Once you get there, you can make purchases from the latest collection. Chatbots are famous in the fashion world for obvious reasons. It brings an element of the in-store experience online, letting customers speak one-to-one with the brand executives.

Sephora a famous cosmetics brand and H&M– a fashion clothing brand have also launched their Chatbots on Kik. When we start a conversation with H&M’s bot on Kik, for example, it offers different options trying to understand our need and choices. Customers can easily ask for what they want and Bot will assist them till the purchase is done. Customers don’t need to go and search for what they want on the website, making their shopping experience online more convenient.

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