Ozlo AI assistant now on the heals of Viv.ai


On the heels of Samsung’s acquisition of Viv just a week ago, a new AI assistant has risen into the spotlight and is jockeying to fill the shoes of its now well-known rival. Ozlo, the Greylock- and Jerry Yang-backed independent entrant to the personal assistant race, is launching today on iOS and the web in an effort to give stalwarts like Siri, Alexa and Cortana a run for their money.

The new personal assistant promises early adopters a good memory, a brain full of knowledge, and an independent soul — everything you could hope for in your new binary friend.

When I sat down with Charles Jolley, CEO of Ozlo and previous head of platform for Facebook on Android, the two of us immediately had a nice laugh about the repetitive female names for assistants in the marketplace right now — Ozlo, by name alone, is already something different. That said, a name is one thing; the more important question is whether Ozlo is useful and doesn’t make its users want to throw their phone against a wall after use.

I’ve been using the assistant for the last few weeks and have been mostly impressed. The bar is still quite low for assistants and us enthusiasts have to find small things to get excited about, but that wasn’t a problem with Ozlo.

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