This Tiny Robot is a Real Life Wall-E


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Just 2.5-inches tall with a fondness for meaningful eye contact and heavy lifting, Cozmo is a robot companion designed to seem like it has a soul. And like any faux-sentient creature, he gets grumpy when he’s poked or turned on his back. You can tell by the way his eyes narrow and he grunts at you.

Cozmo looks like a lot of toy robots on the market (and Pixar’s Wall-E), but he’s been programmed to move, interact, and emote like a complicated movie character. His creators at Anki designed him using a combination of artificial intelligence, image and voice recognition, and animation.

His face is just a small OLED screen with two animated eyes that can show a wide range of emotion. Depending on the situation, he might be angry, focused, annoyed, surprised, skeptical, bored, scared, sad, happy, or any combination of those emotions.

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