Trends Equity Announces “Specialized Digital Assistants and Bots: Vendor Guide and Market Study”


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Trends Equity Announces New Research Study “Specialized Digital Assistants and Bots: Vendor Guide and Market Study”

256-page report covers over 170 Intelligent Assistants & Bots and projects the market globally through 2020

August 16, 2016 – Trends Equity, Inc., producer of AI World and publisher of AI Trends, today announced it is has teamed up with TMA Associates to publish “Specialized Digital Assistants and Bots: Vendor Guide and Market Study“, a definitive vendor guide and market study of the digital assistants and Bot marketplace. The 256-page report on digital assistants, in addition to estimating the market by global region through 2020, discusses the resources available to companies that wish to create a digital assistant. Over 170 companies providing these resources are discussed in detail and categorized as to the resource they provide. More information can be found on

“Specialized Digital Assistants and Bots: Vendor Guide and Market Study” was written by the leading independent expert Dr. William Meisel, President of TMA Associates, and editor of LUI News, an industry newsletter covering the use of human language to communicate with digital systems.

According to Eliot Weinman, CEO, Trends Equity, Inc. and Chair, AI World, “Earlier this year we announced we were teaming up with Dr. Meisel to produce a half-day workshop at AI World on intelligent assistants and Bots. The workshop was developed for business and technology executives who want an in-depth analysis of today’s market landscape, insights on determining which applications are best used for intelligent assistants/Bots and what are the best tools, technologies and services to use for their particular implementation. Meisel, a veteran independent industry expert on intelligent assistants, has spent the last four months researching and writing the most comprehensive report on the intelligent assistant/Bot market to date. The intelligent assistant market is expected to boom in the coming years. Meisel has also built a sound financial model to predict the size of this market expansion. Any business interested in doing their own research on this market or that wishes to deploy a bot or digital assistant will find this report extremely valuable, and it will save them tens of thousands of dollars in manpower and resources.”

A digital assistant is a cloud-based application that communicates with an individual through “natural language” (the language we use to communicate with other humans, by voice or text). The assistant, like a talented human assistant, responds by providing requested information or accomplishing a requested task. One rapidly growing form of digital assistant, typically called a “bot,” is addressed by a natural-language text message from within a messaging application such as Facebook Messenger or Microsoft Skype.

Some general digital assistants, including Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s upcoming Assistant, try to help you with anything you want. Specialized digital assistants have a narrower goal, letting you interact with a single company or specific service. The specialized assistants can operate independently through a website, as a mobile application, by text message, over a phone connection, within a car, or in a particular environment such as a warehouse. The general digital assistants are increasingly able to contact a specialized assistant for help at a user’s request. Also, messaging applications are making it possible to contact “bots,” texting them as if they were simply one of your contacts.

The report provides separate estimates for digital assistants targeted at consumers and those used internally at companies to make the use of enterprise software more efficient. The Enterprise segment is expected to be about 17% of the market in 2016, dropping to 13% of the market in 2020 as consumer assistants expand rapidly.

“Digital assistants are increasingly becoming the new way companies and applications will interact with users, as the market estimates show,” Meisel said. “Every company must understand the options available to participate in this trend. The bulk of the report discusses 170 companies that can help them do so, with a guide to make efficient use of this information.”

The cost of this report will be $1,950 through September 30. The report can be purchased at Buyers of the report will also receive special pricing to attend Dr. Meisel’s Workshop at AI World on Nov 7 in San Francisco –

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William Meisel, Ph.D., president, TMA Associates (, is publisher and editor of LUI News (formerly Speech Strategy News, a paid-subscription monthly newsletter launched in 1993, and covering commercial applications of the Language User Interface), author of the 2013 book The Software Society, and a consultant on market and product opportunities created by the maturing of speech and natural language technology. His experience in speech technology includes founding and running a speech recognition company and authoring the first technical book on machine learning.

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