3 Artificial Intelligence Applications from Sentient


Unfortunately for retail investors, you can’t invest in artificial intelligence yet. There just aren’t any publicly traded companies so we’ll have to wait for an IPO or an acquisition to happen. With over 900 “artificial intelligence” (AI) startups to evaluate, how can we possibly predict who the winners will be? Since artificial intelligence isn’t able to answer this question about itself yet, we can try to look at the companies with the most funding to see where sophisticated institutional investors are placing their bets. The AI company with the most funding to date is Sentient Technologies.

Founded in 2007, San Franscisco based Sentient Technologies has taken in just over $135 in funding so far. Their last funding round was a Series C of $103 million that closed November of 2014. The small pool of investors backing Sentient include Indian telecommunications company Tata Communications and an American conglomerate called Access Industries which focuses on three areas; chemicals, media and telecommunications, and real estate. In late 2014, Sentient Technologies emerged from stealth to unveil their massively distributed AI platform that is already trading stocks on its own.

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