Businesses Harness Emotional Analytics For Gains


Companies are using behavioral analytics and sentiment analysis to better understand their customers, but there are still important pieces of insight missing. Few businesses have the ability to engage individuals in a way that is appropriate to the emotions they are feeling in the moment. Emotional analytics can help bridge cognitive gaps between humans and machines.

Despite all the technology investments organizations continue to make, there are still missing insights that can profoundly affect customer experience, customer relationships, and the bottom line. Behavioral analytics and sentiment analysis do help, as does combining internal and external data sources to gain new insights. Still, most companies have virtually no idea how individuals feel in real-time. If they did, entirely new possibilities would be open to them.

“Everybody wants to know who their customer is, but it’s not just about understanding a person’s identity anymore. I need to know what they care about and what their frame of mind is at a particular point in time,” said Michele Goetz, principal analyst at Forrester Research, in an interview.

Emotional analytics is a critical next step for organizations that want to take advantage of finer-grain insights — a supplementary tool and type of functionality that will find its way into many types of software and systems. Using emotional analytics, organizations can more effectively optimize interactions with individual customers and gain important new insights.

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