IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein Unified for Fast-Track AI Adoption


IBM has partnered marketing cloud specialist Salesforce to deliver a unified AI- powered solution, bringing together IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein. Both AI platforms will be deployed using a new integration practice formed by Bluewolf, an IBM company.

As part of the partnership, IBM will deploy Salesforce Service Cloud across the company to transform its global product support services and gain a single, unified view of every IBM customer. Bluewolf’s new Solution Accelerators for AI integration will develop new industry-specific functions used by enterprise clients to fast-track adoption of cognitive applications seamlessly.

It’s been a few weeks since IBM CEO Ginni Rometty attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. From that same event, her clarion call to innovators about building technologies around cognitive learning and artificial intelligence (AI) seems to have made its first visible impact. Marc Benioff, obviously wanted to be the first thought leader in the martech industry and realize this unified vision.

The unprecedented unification of two AI technologies – IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein will seamlessly connect to enable an entirely new level of intelligent customer engagement across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. The partnership has been forged with an objective of leveraging human intelligence for critical missions and not for time-consuming siloes management. AI will, therefore, make smarter, faster and ROI –specific decisions, freeing humans for ground-breaking innovations.

Currently, IBM is a strategic investor in Global Business Services capabilities for Salesforce, helping the #1 CRM develop a new practice to help clients rapidly deploy the combined IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities.

Customers of both companies will be able to access advanced insights from Watson directly with the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform. It will combine deep customer insights from Salesforce Einstein with Watson’s structured and unstructured data across many sources and industries. Together, Watson and Einstein will ingest, reason over and derive recommendations to accelerate decision making and drive greater customer success.

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