If you use Facebook, you’re working with artificial intelligence every day


Mark Zuckerberg has been in Germany the past few days, and has been interviewed several times about Facebook, AI and virtual reality. AI Trends has posted several excerpts from these interviews, including this one.

The social network is able to recognize patterns in how you interact with things and deliver content in response. If you often “like” updates from a certain person, Facebook might suggest different (sometimes weird) ways for you to see more from that person.

Mark Zuckerberg put all of this in plain speak during a town hall in Berlin, Germany, Thursday.

“So much of what you do on Facebook — you open up your app, you open up your News Feed, and there are thousands of things that are going on in your world, and we need to figure out what’s interesting,” Zuckerberg said. “That’s an AI problem.”

Zuckerberg was joined by Yann LeCun, Facebook’s head of AI research. The session was broadcast live via the Facebook app, with over 100,000 people watching at any given moment.

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