Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Predicts Cortana To Replace Browser


Onstage at Tim O’Reilly’s Next:Economy conference in San Francisco, CEO Satya Nadella discussed the coming role of smart assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana as browser-killers. Tomorrow, voice interfaces and cognitive software will take care of all the typing and lousy navigation choices we throw at browsers today, according to Nadella.

First, we had the PC. Then we had the browser.

Next, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella thinks it will be the “agent,” the sort of virtual assistant like his company’s Cortana that controls the apps on our phone or computer for us.

“To me, AI is going to happen,” Nadella said, on-stage at the summit. “It’s technology that’s inevitable.”

To Nadella, the new wave of “agents”, or AI-assisted services like Cortana or Siri, are going to change how we browse the web.

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