Nadella: Enterprise cloud opportunity larger than any market Microsoft has been in


Microsoft’s cloud business was a bright spot in its quarterly earnings report and CEO Satya Nadella positioned the segment as one that could dwarf any business the company has operated in historically. “The enterprise cloud opportunity is massive,” Nadella said during a call to discuss the results with analysts. “It’s larger than any market we’ve ever participated in.”

In addition to cloud successes, Nadella shared some details of uptake of other Microsoft products. The company now has 200 million active devices running Windows 10, although only around 22 million of those are enterprise or education users. Still, Nadella said that 76 percent of Microsoft’s enterprise customers are in active pilots of Windows 10.

He also spoke briefly about artificial intelligence, a topic with an uncertain future but that a number of big tech companies are focusing on. “At the heart of every business in the future will be systems of intelligence,” Nadella said. Powerful AI systems will help people understand the past and predict the future, he said. “Cortana Analytics is the building block” for that, he said.

“Our goal is to make it possible for every company in every industry and country to take advantage of this new AI,” he said

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