North Carolina Innovation Center Deploying Chatbots for IT Staff


Facebook made waves in the tech arena this past April when it announced that chatbots — computer programs that simulate human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence — would be facilitated exclusively through its Messenger application, enabling individuals and organizations to have an automated, intelligent assistants.

And now, North Carolina’s Innovation Center (iCenter) is testing chatbots to aid internal IT help desk personnel, potentially freeing them up to focus on more strategic tasks, said iCenter Director Eric Ellis, who also serves as North Carolina’s chief technology and innovation officer.

“About 80 to 90 percent of the tickets submitted to the IT help desk are for resetting passwords,” he said, “so if we can help there at all, it’s a win. Chatbots may be able to help us do that.”

If the test is successful, North Carolina workers would eventually report technology issues to a chatbot rather than calling or emailing the help desk. The chatbot would respond and perform the password reset immediately. If the issue is more complicated and requires the help of a live tech person, the chatbot would prioritize the call to the help desk. With chatbots handling the majority of the routine IT issues, IT staff could work on more complex issues.

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