Slack’s AI Will Let You What You Need to Know


Slack, the fast-growing messaging app used by three million people every day to talk to each other at work, will one day soon talk back to you.

In time — and it won’t be long — Slack will morph into the spinal cord of the office nervous system, connecting numerous third-party business apps, eventually becoming the gateway to a workplace artificial intelligence system that will answer routine questions and proactively seek out information you might otherwise miss.

The vision was sketched out by Noah Weiss, Slack’s head of search, learning and intelligence in his first interview since joining Slack earlier this year. Soon, he says, Slack will be talking back in a way that’s more advanced than the many lightweight software bots that populate it now. In time, Slack’s underlying AI will understand your role inside a company, anticipate your day-to-day needs and act like a well-trained office assistant.

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