The role of AI startups in the enterprise


Artificial intelligence pops up as a buzzword every few years, but it has never moved beyond novelty status. This time, though, it is here to stay, and startups are poised to drive the AIeconomy forward.

Indeed, we are beginning to see glimpses of it.

Newcomer ROSS Intelligence, for example, has gained law firm clients by developing a fully automated AI “lawyer” capable of supporting the legal research needs of large offices. Developed on IBM’s Watson, ROSS is well on its way to becoming a fixture in the legal industry, automating tasks that could take days or weeks for humans to complete.

Popular business messaging app Slack — another startup — is working on incorporating AIto act as an intelligent personal assistant capable of talking back and answering questions that have been asked before, saving companies time.

Now is the time for AI to truly take off. So what has changed?

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