Versium uses big data and machine learning to predict your best leads


Big data helps in mysterious ways. Versium has discovered this by using big data and machine learning to create a predictive marketing platform. The service, dubbed LifeData Predictive Lead Score, lets marketers build custom predictive models that help them pinpoint the users who are likely to be receptive to marketing offers.

Enterprises are seeing an unprecedented growth in data driven by growth in mobile, social, interactive websites, government third-party data, and more. Companies are sitting on enormous piles of data, but they’re unsure how to derive actionable intelligence from it in a timely manner. A survey of more than 600 companies worldwide by Econsultancy and Ensighten found that 62 percent of companies feel overwhelmed by all the incoming data, and 85 percent report they aren’t extracting full value from the data sources they have access to.

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