VR And AI Will Lead The Next Major Round Of Digital Disruption


Ready for the next chapter in the continuing saga of technology siring big-time business disruption? This year’s SXSW Interactive conference left little doubt of the protagonists: virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Companies ranging from startups to Samsung and McDonalds (yes, McDonalds) plunged attendees into an alternate reality that let them fly, ski, speed, and explore—and even decorate the inside of a Happy Meal box. A stream of speakers explored whether AI will change our work. (The short answer is yes.)

This new chapter of technology and innovation is coming at us fast, and at a time when businesses already are feeling a few pages behind. It’s no wonder: Consider how much consumer expectations and business offerings have changed since the introduction of the iPhone just nine years ago. The next decade will produce an even bigger seismic shift.

We can expect to see VR and AI innovations integrated into our lives and workplaces in the near future, said Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wired magazine, who spoke to a packed hall of SXSW Interactive attendees.

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