How tech’s big 3 are getting ready to read your emotions


(editors note: This article states that “another tech giant has enter the AI arms race”, however Apple has been acquiring AI talent for years, including SIRI, whose original founders are now developing

Apple’s purchase of Emotient last month, a California-based firm that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret emotions from facial expressions, signals that big changes are coming to mobile devices.

The move means that another tech giant has entered the AI arms race alongside Google and Facebook. This fact alone should have brands learning about the new technologies and integrations available to better engage with consumers on an emotional level.

AI’s capacity to respond to mood, gesture, natural language, and other complex human behaviors solves many issues facing consumers and brands, including, discovery, attention, and ease of product/service use. The big three” tech companies – Google, Apple and Facebook — are leveraging AI in different ways to gain a competitive advantage in an economy where attention is a scarce resource. As brand marketers, we need to understand that each of these players is shaping how consumers discover and connect with our brands. So here’s a look at how Google, Apple, and Facebook are thinking about AI integration:

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