Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Augmented Intelligence is the New Way Forward!

Steve Ardire presents at #Think 2018 on the topic of Augmented Intelligence.

An Interview with Beena Ammanath, Founder, Humans for AI

Benna Ammanath, Founder/CEO, Humans for AI, discusses the impact AI could have in the next 5 years, explains why she began Humans For AI,...

Drones and NVIDIA AI are Transforming GE Safety Inspections

The inspector sits at the controls, eyes glued to the screen as the autonomous drone flies past working flare stacks and heated gas plumes....

AI World Conference & Expo

AI World is the industry’s largest independent event focused on the state of the practice of enterprise AI and machine learning. AI World is...

Artificial Intelligence: The Apex Technology Of The Information Age

The history of AI is littered with false starts, but Goldman Sachs Research’s Heath Terry says we have reached a turning point that will put the...

AI World 2016 – Michael Chui

Hear Michael Chui, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute keynote presentation at AI World 2016 - Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Activities & Occupations – What the Future Could...

AI World 2016 – Rob High, IBM

Hear Rob High, IBM Fellow, VP, CTO of IBM Watson keynote presentation at AI World 2016 - Conversational Agents in the World of Cognitive...

AI World 2016 – Beena Ammanath, GE

Hear Beena Ammanath, VP, Data and Analytics, General Electric keynote at AI World 2016 - Accelerating Industrial IoT with Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Chatbots for Enterprise

With Inbenta, businesses can launch chatbots that not only connect directly with their existing Knowledge Base to produce highly relevant.

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