550 companies have teamed with IBM to use Watson to develop commercial products, apps and services


According to Steve Gold, chief marketing officer of IBM’s Watson Group, about 550 companies have struck deals with IBM to use Watson to develop commercial products, apps and services. Watson has been used to help doctors diagnose medical conditions, track fan sentiment at sporting events and underpin online-shopping apps. A recent deal is with Turner Broadcasting

As traditional TV networks race to show off their big data chops to advertisers, Turner Broadcasting has signed a deal with IBM to incorporate Watson, the data-crunching powerhouse, into its ad sales efforts.

Turner is hoping that Watson, famous for beating top human competitors on “Jeopardy,” will give it a leg up against its competitors as they battle for ad dollars in the coming months.

The technology will parse through information such as Turner’s in-house data on its advertisers, publicly available and purchased data sets, news and analyst reports, social media posts and other sources. The idea is to then be able to tell an advertiser something they don’t know about their business or the larger market. And how advertising on Turner can help in all that, of course.

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