How Marketers Can Prepare for the Cognitive Era


I never realized how much I hate checking my car’s blind spot, until I never had to again.

Something as simple as sensor-aided blind-spot detection has eliminated what was once an everyday part of driving. Changing lanes? Get ready to twist your neck against the headrest and make sure a drivers-ed dropout isn’t cruising next to your quarter panel.

Now there’s a blinking yellow light for that. The next generation of drivers will be bewildered when they hear we actually had to turn our heads. The generation after that will wonder why humans ever drove themselves when machines are so damn good at it.

I may not yet rely on a computer to drive me from Point A to Point B, but I am relying on it to inform what could be a life or death decision. All that stands between me sideswiping into a 3,000 pound vehicle traveling 75 miles per hour is a computer sensor that tells me whether it’s safe to change lanes. For better or worse, I trust the machine.

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