IBM Watson Simplifying Data Science with Open Source R Extension


With the release of CognizeR, an open source extension for the statistical computing-focused R programming language, Columbus Collaboratory is aiming to simplify data science with IBM Watson.

“Our goal was to connect data scientists everywhere with cognitive computing in a software environment they already know and love: R,” Ty Henkaline, chief analytics innovator at Columbus Collaboratory, said in a statement yesterday. “CognizeR now shortens the journey toward building real cognitive solutions by providing quick and easy access to Watson services. Releasing this code to the open source community advances our mission of delivering accelerated business value to our member companies and beyond.”

Columbus, Ohio.-based Columbus Collaboratory is a specialist in advanced analytics and cybersecurity. It says the release of CognizeR will help to advance adoption of cognitive computing within its founding companies and the data scientist community worldwide. Columbus Collaboratory founding companies include: American Electric Power, Battelle, Cardinal Health, Huntington, Lbrands, Nationwide and Ohio Health. The company’s mission is to work collaboratively on complex challenges common to its member companies and develop solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and competitiveness. It also focuses on expanding and upskilling segments of the ColumbusIT workforce.

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