Your Fears About The Coming Robot Revolution Might Be Overblown


editors note: I attended the MIT AI 2016 conference this past Saturday. Indeed Rob High of IBM made it clear that in 2011, following Watson’s Jeopardy! win, there was a deluge of interest from health care professionals to commercially apply the new technology in the medical industry. This all following on the heals of IBM Watson’s $2.6 billion deal with Truven Health Analytics recently.  What was interesting to note throughout the day long event was that, even though most attendees represented an elite group of educated professionals and sophisticated investors, common concerns about the “coming robot revolution” where consistently being brought up addressing potential fears about robots taking over and even replacing humans at most types of jobs.

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! But maybe that’s OK.

Rob High, IBM’s chief technology officer for Watson, on Saturday urged an audience of industry elites, academics and press to consider how artificial intelligence technology should improve — rather than replace — the human experience.

AI can help people became more efficient, creative and informed, High suggested during a keynote speech at the MIT Tech Conference.

‘It’s not about answering the question, it’s about helping you come up with the questions you’re not thinking to ask,’ High said.

Take Watson, for example. It’s a technology platform geared toward using a vast amount of data to produce intelligent responses to some of the biggest human problems, like cancer treatment.

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