AI Medical Imaging Firm MedyMatch Raises $2M


MedyMatch Technology bills itself as an artificial intelligence healthcare startup. It’s applying AI in the form of “deep vision and advanced cognitive analytics” to the analysis of medical imaging scans to help radiologists or emergency department physicians recognise hard to spot abnormalities and in turn make better decisions.

To further develop and market its tech, the Tel Aviv and Boston-based company has raised a $2 million seed round from several private and institutional investors. These include Genesis Capital Advisors, and Exigent Alternative Capital.

As it stands today, MedyMatch is applying its tech to the area of stroke diagnosis, ensuring that stroke victims are given the correct treatment. That’s because, I’m told, there are generally two major types of stroke, each requiring very different treatment. When that treatment is applied incorrectly, not only can it be life threatening but also the difference between returning to a relatively normal life or needing further and costly care indefinitely.

One type of stroke is where someone’s blood vessel bursts in the brain and that person begins to bleed, while the other type is a clot in a blood vessel, where the blood stops flowing to that part of the brain. In the case of a blood clot, the doctor would prescribe a clot busting drug which would open up the blood vessels to get the blood flowing again. However, if the stoke has resulted from a burst vessel and the doctor accidentally prescribes the clot busting drug, it will increase the flow of the bleed, causing severe damage.

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