Cisco’s CTO charts a new direction


As for machine learning, Singh says that Cisco plans to invest heavily, including hiring “a bunch of PhDs” to start adding machine learning and analytics capabilities to almost all of Cisco’s products. “My thesis has been that machine learning-based analytics is the secret sauce with which every future, next-generation software offering is going to be built,” he says. “We think that will play to our core networking data center offerings,” as well as to Cisco’s security and the Internet-of-things efforts.

According to Singh, this vision extends to cognitive computing in a collaborative workspace environment:

  • You walk in with your phone, your location, your avatar identity biometric and your payment is all there. It should know. I think the future of work gets completely redefined with contextual computing. The amount of processing power from a data center standpoint, the amount of ability to automate pattern-matching and anomaly detection, how to solve for false positives, when you tie all that together having analytics capability in everything we do is going to be super important.

So when will such solutions arrive from Cisco? Singh says to “stay tuned,” because the company will showcase some of these capabilities in a matter of months.

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