Google Brain Demonstrates AI-Generated Encryption


The machines are getting smarter folks, as they are now at a point where they can keep secrets from us. A team from Google Brain that is part of the company’s deep learning project worked on artificial intelligence capable of protecting messages from prying eyes.

What we have here is human-independent AI performing an encryption task that makes it difficult for us to crack. Just imagine computers encrypting our messages and data by their lonesome, and we can’t have access to it. That’s what Google is working on, and the company has experienced some success thus far.

Google employees Martín Abadi and David G. Andersen are the men behind this exciting project. They created three test subjects – all neural networks – known only as Alice, Bob and Eve. The task is to have them pass notes to each other that are encrypted to a point where humans are unable to gain access.

According to a report from New Scientist, Abadi and Andersen assigned tasks to each AI. Alice needed to send a message that only Bob can decipher and read, while Eve is tasked with how to decode the message. Not an easy task, even for an AI, because at first both Alice and Bob were terrible at hiding their secrets, but things got better over time.

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