eBay Acquires Second Machine Learning Company in Two Months


eBay has acquired predictive analytics company SalesPredict to help with the company’s machine learning and data science work, reports VentureBeat.

The acquisition is part of the e-commerce company’s structured data push for sellers. Structured data is eBay’s standard way of categorizing and displaying products for sale on its marketplace. Utilizing SalesPredict’s data analysis and machine learning skills, eBay will be able to better refine its search functions in order to serve the right products to prospective shoppers.

While using structured data is not a requirement, eBay heavily encourages its sellers to adhere to its terms. As of Q1 2016, 60% of listed items on the marketplace used its structured data rules, according to eBay’s earnings report. This is up from 37% in Q4 2015.

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