How AI is enabling the intelligent enterprise


There has been an unprecedented, and continuing, volume of data growth worldwide. By some estimates, 90 percent of all data on the internet is unstructured text.

Enterprises have an enormous opportunity to gain insights from this data, and it will become a competitive necessity to analyze it to achieve valuable and actionable insights to help shape business outcomes. In 2017, senior-level executives are increasingly looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations to help create information assets to fuel competitive advantage and transform enterprise strategy. According to the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide, “identifying, understanding, and acting on the use cases, technologies, and growth opportunities for cognitive/AI systems will be a differentiating factor for most enterprises and the digital disruption caused by these technologies will be significant.”

However, there are two common questions that arise:

  • Is AI technology ready to deliver value today for my enterprise?
  • What should I focus on to drive transformation and create value?

A recent research report, “Can Artificial Intelligence Deliver for Today’s Enterprise?,” issued by Rage Frameworks based on data compiled by a survey of senior-level business executives, took a closer look at how artificial intelligence will be a key differentiator for businesses in 2017 and beyond. Here are some of the findings.

Enabling the intelligent enterprise

AI has quickly become a dominant enterprise technology as businesses strive to remain competitive. Eighty-two percent of research participants stated that their organizations would be using AI in 2017, compared to just 7 percent who said they were not expecting to use AI. The remaining 11 percent said they were strongly considering an AI deployment.

To ensure the successful adoption of AI in the enterprise, however, there are several challenges that current technologies have to overcome in order to power transformational enterprise applications. AI will help enable the intelligent enterprise by automating the detailed analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data using a linguistics-based approach. The research indicated that the top capabilities that are important to the AI solutions the market is looking to invest in, each identified by more than half of the respondents, include reasoning and traceability (the ability to understand why your AI solution came up with the results it did), at 55 percent, and natural language understanding (your AI solution understands context and relevance), at 53 percent.

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