Want to Invest in AI? Here’s 10 Companies to Bet On


Reliable, pure-play artificial intelligence stocks are tough to find in this day and age. Plenty of blue-chip companies understand how vital AI will be in the future, but because it’s such a nascent area, other parts of their business are still the real moneymakers. That’s OK, though. While the following 10 companies might not be pure AI plays, many of them may be close to that level in just a few years as machine learning and deep learning become more sophisticated, useful, and impactful. Each following company is betting big on AI, and many of them are relying on artificial intelligence in important parts of their business already.

Facebook (FB)

Facebook aims to build the “best AI lab in the world,” where today’s top tech talent can solve the most challenging issues in the field. Its research has already paid off — Facebook has an AI-powered personal assistant, M, and facial recognition features that can sort, recognize, and tag entire groups of friends. M, offered within Facebook Messenger, can already perform a number of useful tasks like booking flights and contesting cable bills, as well as some not-so-useful ones like drawing very amateur-looking sketches. Still, Facebook, which began in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, is now without a doubt one of the top artificial intelligence stocks in the world.

Amazon.com (AMZN)

Amazon might traditionally be considered a hybrid between a retail and tech stock, but in time, “AI company” may be the most honest descriptor. Amazon’s Echo home speaker comes equipped with Alexa, an AI-powered virtual assistant that can recognize and answer questions, read news stories, read audiobooks, read the weather forecast, play music from Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Pandora, and of course order a lot of Amazon products. Alexa gets smarter every day, too — 1,500 new features and skills have been added through software updates since its late-2014 release. With millions of Echos in circulation, it’s one of the most successful consumer-facing AI products on the planet.

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