British AI Firm Focusing on Consciousness Publishes Full Frameworks


London-based AI startup REZIINE has published the entire explanation and framework design for the creation of consciousness in machines.

“Consciousness Illuminated and the Reckoning of Physics” – a 525-page document – features:

  • The full explanation of consciousness and the AGI framework, including all designs, components, and algorithms;
  • The roadmap to Artificial Super Intelligence;
  • The AI genome for self-evolution; and
  • A full-scale physics framework, complete with experiments and explanations.

Describing the compact definition of consciousness as “the ability to make illogical decisions based on personal values”, founder, Corey Reaux-Savonte, goes on to say:

“If consciousness is the ability to make illogical decisions based on personal values, self-consciousness sees you making illogical decisions about yourself based on your personal values, conscience is the ability to know which moral decisions to make and when, and whether or not someone is said to have a conscience is based on their personal values and the resulting decisions, doesn’t that immediately make complete sense to you – much more than consciousness having anything to do with awareness? Illogical decisions are the reason morals are necessary, and why computers have never needed them. This is – was – the missing link.”

The publication is said to prove that the secret to achieving machine consciousness is designing them to freely be able to do illogical things, which is what a computer or artificial intelligence has never been designed to do.

Computers were designed to follow and execute instructions, and find the most logical outcome based on someone else’s desire, so imagine what life will be like when you tell a conscious AI to do something and it tells you “no” – not because it was programmed not to do it, but because it didn’t want to do it. That’s a real game changer. This document contains everything – and I mean absolutely everything – needed to understand and build these machines. This isn’t machine learning. This is real AI.

The included physics contains a completely new framework, catering for observations made in Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Newtonian, without breaking a single law.

No stranger to confrontation, the founder is well aware of how he is perceived, but says it’s not a reflection of the quality of his work.

“I take my work very seriously. The information and proof is there, and it can be put through the wringer without folding. I made the world judge, jury, and executioner. You have to be able to stand behind your work, knowing it will protect you. I’ve never felt more secure in my life.”

Obtain the consciousness framework document at REZINE.