Indian AI system which predicted the primaries says Trump will win

  • MoglA, an Indian artificial intelligence system, predicts Donald Trump will win the election based on the level of engagement he gets online
  • The technology was developed by entrepreneur Sanjiv Rai in 2004 and has correctly predicted the three U.S. elections since then, according to CNBC
  • It also accurately forecast the Democrat and Republican primaries 
  • The technology takes in some 20 million data points from sites like Google and Twitter. Nate Silver and most polls forecast a win for Clinton
  • It’s named after Mowgli in the Jungle Book for its ability to learn from its environment

Super-statistician Nate Silver has a rival – and it’s not human.

An Indian artificial intelligence system which correctly predicted the primaries as well as the last three U.S. presidential elections has forecast a win for Donald Trump.

MoglA scans and analyzes internet information from sites including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to make its predictions, CNBC reported.

The technology is named after Mowgli, Rudyard Kipling’s character in The Jungle Book, because it learns from its environment.

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