Revolutionizing your market with emerging technologies


As an electrical engineering student at the University of Illinois, I had little money. I lived on ramen noodles freshman year and perpetually hunted for deals. I was overjoyed to find a pizza restaurant whose Tuesday-night special of two large cheese pies for $8 could provide a week of gourmet dinners. Papa John (a great entrepreneur) has a motto: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” By using superior ingredients, he created a product that was the best amidst a sea of competitors.

This analogy works in technology, as well. As better ingredient technologies arrive on the scene, they open the door for new, iconic companies to be formed that meet our needs in fundamentally better ways.

Better ingredients can transform the familiar

Iconic companies massively shift behavior, yet the need for the shift isn’t always obvious. As humans, we typically accept the world we inherit. But as new ingredient technologies become available, new possibilities open up.

Great entrepreneurs see the world from a different angle and take advantage of better ingredients to execute like crazy to craft superior products. The most iconic companies are actually those that transform the most familiar.

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