Why CMOs Are Afraid Of AI


If you Google “AI startups,” there are 800,000+ results. Visit any of the publications that write about technology or marketing, and you’ll find a plethora of articles about AI companies. Talk to any of the big consultancies and they’ll tell you about their new AI offering.

AI has officially arrived, and while it is here to stay, few brands are capitalizing on, or even exploring, this new potential in real ways. CMOs justify their avoidance of the technology by claiming it as novel, but in fact they simply don’t understand the opportunity AI brings in creating very personal experiences and deepening the level of engagement a brand has with its consumers.

For example, VIV, one of the breakout companies this year, is building AI as a platform for brands and developers. TheGrid is revolutionizing website creation. X.ai will take the pain out of scheduling meetings.

The truth is AI can be a CMO’s best friend. Through AI, they may no longer need to create specific content or personalized platforms of any sort. Instead, AI can be used to accomplish something that has been impossible until now: a completely personal, one-to-one experience between brand and consumer every single time, at every single touch point.

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