Advances in AI will create a robo-accountant to help you make more money


The way we thought of apps back in 2008 is how we’ll view artificial intelligence five years from now; 2016 will look like the AI stone age.

Although apps have created completely new behaviors, especially in the fintech space with mobile banking and shared payments, the app economy, unfortunately, seems to be reaching a peak, and monetizing an app has become an uphill battle.

Apps will be the technology of the past, ushering in a new era for AI. Bots today are merely app replacements or novelties, and the experience still feels like talking to a robot. But with bots eventually becoming smarter than today’s apps, they’ll inevitably solve the problems that apps cannot fix in entirely new ways that haven’t even been realized yet.

Let’s take a look ahead. In the future, for example, bots, and AI in general, will help you make money off your checking account.

Did you know that extra cash in your checking account is a missed opportunity? Every day, it loses value to inflation. To generate better returns, you could keep the bare minimum in your checking account and invest the rest. However, unexpected expenses can drain your account suddenly. Without extra cushioning in your checking account, you risk getting slapped with bank fees or credit card debt that quickly cancel out any gains from your investments.

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