Let these chatbots help you manage your money


Can a chatbot help you manage your money? Three London-based fintech startups are betting on the answer being yes and have jumped aboard the messaging gravy train as they seek to entice millennials to their respective platforms.

The thinking goes something like this: A conversational interface, coupled with tech that plugs into your bank account and analyses your spending in the background, is the best way to deliver financial assistance to help you keep track of your money and actually savefor a rainy day.

More broadly these chatbots are targeting  millennials who, they claim, typically aren’t as financially savvy as they could be and who are perfectly comfortable communicating entirely through emoji. I jest, kinda.

Choosing to announce news or fully launch today are Plum, Chip, and Cleo, which is a little awkward. You wait around for a chatbot financial assistant and three arrive at once, said nobody.

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