IRobot Imagines Your Whole Home as a Robot


Colin Angle, CEO of Bedford robotics firm iRobot (Nasdaq: IRBT), talked about the ‘smart’ home in a speech that could be indicative of what the $1 billion company might be working on next.

Imagine a home that gently nudges you awake in the morning. It opens the shades, turns on soft lights and heats or cools your bedroom.

You get up and the daily news “follows” you from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen, through speakers.

Your home really comes alive when you leave for the day — not too different from the vision outlined in the 1960s-era cartoon “The Jetsons.” The robots vacuum, mop and mow, while patrolling the home for security.

Your home knows when you pull into the driveway after work, and it acts accordingly. Maybe the oven preheats itself. Maybe there’s music playing when you walk in your front door.

This is a vision of the not-so-distant future, when your whole home is a robot, said Colin Angle, CEO of Bedford robotics firm iRobot (Nasdaq: IRBT), in a speech on Wednesday that could be indicative of what the $1 billion company might be working on next.

“This vision that I’ve described, this hope of the future, is taking shape today,” he said at the annual LiveWorx conference in Boston hosted by Needham-based tech firm PTC.

IRobot is the creator of home-vacuum robots like the Roomba and the Braava jet. Earlier this year, the company sold its defense and security unit to Arlington Capital Partners, a Washington, D.C.- based private equity firm for $45 million, bowing to pressure from activist investor Red Mountain to focus on consumer robots for the home.

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