Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Positions Cortana, Skype, AI As ‘Future Of Communications’


In his introductory keynote for Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer’s conference, CEO Satya Nadella explained the company’s vision for the future of communication. The concept of “conversation as a platform” will serve as the foundation of how we will interact with technology and one another.

“We want to take the power of human language and apply that more pervasively to all the computing interfaces and computing interactions,” he said, also noting the future “is not going to be about man vs. machines, it’s going to be about man with machines.”

This will require humans to teach computers human language, conversational understanding, and their personal preferences so technology can be more helpful day-to-day life. Nadella noted how as humans infuse intelligence into everything, it’s important for Microsoft to have a principled approach and have a way to guide their communication design.

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