Amazing Ways How AI And Machine Learning Is Being Used In Healthcare


Crucial time and tremendous amounts of resources are lost every day in the world’s healthcare systems. Misdiagnoses cost unnecessary additional tests, result in delayed treatment plans and diminished survival or remission rates from what would have transpired had it been caught and identified correctly earlier. False positives on tests. Trials, treatments and research completed in silos so there’s no leveraging the insights across the country or the world.

Machine learning offers lots of opportunities for the healthcare industry. Some healthcare and technology innovators are collaborating and trying to change our current reality by experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Computers and the algorithms they run can scrub colossal amounts of data—much faster and more accurately than human scientists or medical professionals—to unearth patterns and predictions to enhance disease diagnosis, inform treatment plans and enhance public health and safety.

Source: The Amazing Ways How AI is Being Used in Healthcare